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Alex Woodley’s Appointment to Dubai Unconstitutional Says Condor

In an interview on Thursday, 5th April, 2012, condor noted that if the Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas, said he removed himself from the process that led to the appointment of Woodley, and he (Condor) was left out of the loop, how legal was the appointment of Woodley. That is the question that Condor seems to be asking.

Condor emphasized that he had no knowledge of Ms. Woodley’s appointment and said that as Minister of Foreign Affairs it is his responsibility to appoint diplomats and this is the reason he is trying to sort out the matter.PM-Douglas--Alex-Woodley

“There was no discussion with me by anyone whatsoever. It was not raised with me by anybody. And if the Prime Minister was not part of that process and I was not part of that process it has left me to wonder how that was done. So that was clearly unconstitutional,” Condor said.

For Condor, as he has stated, the appointment is at the heart of this matter, as this is about a matter of governance, transparency and accountability to the public.

A recent Cabinet statement indicated, “The Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister was integrally involved in the previous decisions relating to this matter when she served as the PS in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She currently serves in the Office of the Prime Minister who has responsibility for the Citizenship Investment Programme that falls under the portfolio of the Rt. Honourable Prime Minister. The present Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was nominated as the Accounting/Administrative Officer in the Ministry which will have oversight of the Consulate when it is established.”

This is just the latest in what is fast becoming a sad series of events between the Prime Minister and his deputy and it clearly demonstrates that the problems within the government and Labour Party are obviously far more serious than being admitted.




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