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Amory: Privy Council’s decision a victory for citizens, residents

In a short message recorded on the coalition’s social media page, Amory explained that it is a great day for the people and democracy in the Federation.

“It is a triumph for our law abiding values that are precious and priceless. It is a vindication for everything that is right and just, and of the perseverance for those who sought that justice by appealing to the Court to rectify what transpired in St. Kitts in the parliament on the 16th January 2015,” said Amory.

He was of the belief that the Court’s decision was done to protect  “democracy” and to preserve the rule of law in our country.

“I believe that this decision represents the tremendous victory for the basic constitutional rights of every citizen of our country. We can be justifiably proud that on this day we have managed to see our country saved from what has been determined as a creeping dictatorship,” the premier explained.

He pointed out, also, that the rule of law is the bedrock of democracy and the backbone of our nation, and it should be respected at all times. The decision of the Privy Council makes that very clear to all of us he said.

“This victory in the court of law belongs to all of us, as citizens and people of St. Kitts and Nevis. We owe it to ourselves, therefore, to preserve and protect our constitution and institutions to ensure that there is no deterioration in the future,” Amory said.

He said the Concerned Citizens Movement believes that the struggle is about the people of the country.

“With all our strength and stamina and activism, we will continue to fight for our people and to protect our democracy and our constitutional rights and freedoms,” Amory declared.

The judges of the Privy Council have ruled, and it is our turn to safeguard the decision from the “forces of evil”, Amory said.

[Editor’s note: Starting 1st March 2015, would become]

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