Angelina Jolie Wins Copyright Lawsuit Over In the Land of Blood and Honey

Braddock claimed Jolie’s romantic flick about love that flourished between a Serbian soldier and a Bosnian woman during war was based partly on his book, and that she used it while researching her movie.

U.S. District Judge Dolly M. Gee shut down Braddock’s claims, ruling that, while both stories focus on “love during wartime,” the contents of the two stories were not “substantially” similar.

Judge Gee called In the Land of Blood and Honey a story of “betrayal, revenge and tragedy with little or no hope,” and referred to Slamanje Duse (The Soul Shattering) as a story centered on “family, love and strength.”


The judge ordered Braddock to show the court why his complaint shouldn’t be dismissed without prejudice no later than April 12.


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