Anguillian Band in St. Kitts to Promote Music

In an interview with,band member Ruel Richardson said that the band is here in St. Kitts doing a promotional drive in an effort to promote its new album which they say will be on sale here is St. Kitts very shortly.

Jaiden Fleming, the drummer, said that it is his first time in St. Kitts and that he is already having a wonderful time here and that the performance at Shiggidy Shack was good and that he is looking forward to their next performance at Sprat Net on Wednesday evening.

Joyah Gumbs, bass guitarist, who might just be the first ever female bass guitarist in the Caribbean who plays in a band, stated that this is her first time here in St. Kitts and that she would love to return for a more leisure visit.

Band manager Davon Carty stated the British Dependency is about holding it and making it happen. He said the members are doing all that is necessary to make it happen.

British Dependency will be performing at Sprat Net on Wednesday evening at the Launch of a Stich in Time’s Soca Album.

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