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Another Fly Montserrat plane mishap

A statement by the airline confirmed the incident, but said that the pilot of Flight 2109 had taken the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the seven passengers.

I can report that the aircraft landed normally. Decelerated along the runway, but the pilot thought that he felt a minor vibration and as a precaution let the aircraft roll gently onto the grass,” said Fly Montserrat owner, Nigel Harris.

He said that the passengers had disembarked safely and there were “no injuries or damages to the aircraft”.

The incident followed the fatal crash of a Fly Montserrat plane on October 7, soon after taking off from the VC Bird International airport in Antigua, killing three people.

The Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority said “significant quantities of water” had been found in the engine of the ill-fated plane.

On Monday, Harris assured the public regarding the safety of the airline.


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