Another Scandal Emerges in St. Vincent Elections Campaign

The Unity Labour Party (ULP) says that Ms. Frederick has “falsely accused” ULP candidate Luke Browne of several criminal offences and of disgraceful conduct. Ms. Frederick made the allegations while speaking to ‘Nice Radio’ on Thursday November 25th and the ULP maintains that Ms. Frederick did so “without providing a shred of evidence”.


The allegations were echoed by NDP party leader Arnhim Eustace who held a quickly arranged Press Conference following Frederick’s claims on radio. Mr. Eustace too, fell short of presenting any evidence whatsoever whether material or documentation or otherwise.

The allegations have all been flatly denied by ULP’s Luke Browne.

Mr. Browne says that he has been advised by his legal team that Ms. Frederick has contravened the provisions of section 51(3) of Representation of the People Act and is guilty of an illegal election practice prohibited by the Parliament of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines.  “Accordingly,” he stated, “I intend to write the Director of Public Prosecutions to have Frederick prosecuted because the statements and allegations made against me are patently false.”

Mr. Browne also commented on his decision to reserve his right to pursue defamation proceedings against the NDP candidate, “I cannot allow my reputation to be attacked by desperate people. This NDP cancer of liars and deliberate lies must stop. We cannot permit this factory of misinformation and lies to continue and go unanswered. I am determined to ensure that Miss Frederick faces the legal consequences for her false statements and dishonest conduct towards me. Enough is enough!”

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