Another surprise hits Music Festival fans just days from the big event

This time, the St. Kitts Music Festival added Rachel Price, ‘The Caribbean Queen of Comedy’, who will make guest appearances on Thursday and Friday nights, and engages a full performance during the Saturday night line-up that includes acts such as Trey Songz and Jason Serulo.

Price is a popular radio and TV personality. Her bio describes her as “Raunchy”, “Sexy!” and “Unapologetic!” “In your face humor!” All phrases are said to accurately describe Rachel Price.

“Pricey” as she is affectionately called, began her professional career as the “MC” of a weekly cabaret in 1994 in Trinidad. She quickly became known for her rapid retorts and “down to earth” appeal. She joined a band of Trinidadian actors who wanted to “try” stand-up comedy. Rachel Price’s performances at the comedy club then known as ‘Just Friends’ are regarded as ”legendary”.

In a release issued today Minister of Tourism Lindsay Grant stated that the inclusion of Price, along with the earlier announced Sports Illustrated Model Damaris Lewis, was a part of what he called the evolution of the festival from simply a music event to an overall entertainment event.

He said, “This, no doubt, will be an exciting new dimension to the festival and one which will no doubt again set the annual festival far and apart from other festivals throughout the region and the world.”

Price’s appearance will be the first time that a comedian will be hosting and performing at the festival.

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