Antigua opposition calls on PM to explain role in ‘special constable’ appointment

In a statement on Tuesday, the ALP said the fact that both the attorney general and the national security minister deny any involvement in the appointment of Datadin, who they admit is the personal lawyer of Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer, emphasizes the political nature of the matter.

“While these government ministers are making a scapegoat of the Commissioner of Police, Vere Browne, for the wrongful appointment, he would hardly have appointed Prime Minister Spencer’s personal lawyer without some instruction,” the ALP said.

“Prime Minister Spencer must now tell the nation whether he knew and approved of Datadin’s underhanded appointment and, if not, why not,” the Labour Party said.

“Datadin is not a national of Antigua and Barbuda. He does not reside in Antigua and Barbuda. He visits to represent Spencer in his personal matters before the Court. If the police commissioner felt a special constable was required, why choose a lawyer, and why the prime minister’s personal lawyer?” the ALP asked.

The Labour Party statement called on the Police Commissioner to tell the nation “who instructed him to appoint Datadin and for what purpose”. 

The ALP said, “The people of Antigua and Barbuda must be assured that the police commissioner is an independent office free of political interference and is not part of political witch-hunts and political lynching”.

The investigation in question reportedly concerns a US$29.7 million loan from Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Company (IHI Japan) to the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA.)

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