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Appointment of Hamilton as Senator & Attorney General Null & Void

The case was brought by the Leader of the opposition People’s Action Movement, PAM, and former Deputy Prime Minister Sam Condor. The two had challenged that the appointment of Hamilton as a senator on 29th January, was unconstitutional. This was agreed to by Justice John Benjamin who presided of the matter at the Sir Lee L Moore Judicial Complex on Thursday morning, with the decision being handed down just after 10:00am.

In addition, Justice Benjamin also ruled that Mr. Hamilton’s appointment as Attorney General on Monday 28th January was also invalid, given that the Government had argued that his appointment was not as a public servant. However the judge also disagreed that this was constitutional. In order for him to have been so appointed, it was explained, Hamilton would have had to have been already a member of parliament.

The leader of PAM has described the victory as one for democracy.

(More details to be provided in a subsequent article…)

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