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Aristide to Receive Diplomatic Passport from Haitian Government

CMC reported that Ira Kurzban told reporters that he was notified of Haiti’s decision last week.

He said he sent a letter to the Haitian authorities on Monday requesting that Aristide’s passport be issued immediately, and that plans for his return commence immediately.

“To expedite this matter, President Aristide’s passport may be delivered to the government of South Africa or to me,” Kurzban wrote in a letter addressed to two Haitian government officials.

A senior Haitian government official, under the direction of President Rene Preval, told reporters that the government was prepared to issue a new passport to Aristide “without delay”.

Political observers say the decision is a significant reversal for Preval, who had refused Aristide’s request for a passport for years, partly in response to international pressure.

Kurzban said Aristide wants to return as “a private citizen, to help his country”.

(Content for this article taken from a release)

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