Ashley ready to ‘school’ Panama’s Martinez

She had been training in Argentina for the last two weeks, and told The Gleaner it was a great experience and she was able to get much better sparring there than New York where she is based, noting that working at high altitude in Salta, Argentina, was “great”.


“Now that I am back at sea and the temperature is in the 90s I feel great,” she added.

A war of words, she said, has also started. At a press conference on her arrival, the Jamaican was greeted with news that her opponent told the media she has every intention of making Ashley retire from the sport.

A lot of attention is being paid to the age difference between the opponents, because Ashley is 45 and Martinez is 22.

But Ashley challenged: “(I’ll be) taking the youngster to school… (tell Miss Martinez) the principal is in town and even though you are half my age you cannot beat me.”

On a more sombre note, she said: “People are always playing up this age difference. With age comes experience, which should not be underrated.

“She will not know what to do when experience is in front of her on Saturday. I like when my opponents boast about what they are going to do to me, and it is that much sweeter when I shut them up,” she added.


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