The divorce is being handled by various lawyers, coast-to-coast.  Our New York sources tell TMZ … Demi tried to get spousal support on grounds Ashton cheated on her.  She finally realized, IT DOESN’T MATTER.  The divorce is in California — a no fault state — and even if your husband bangs another chick, it doesn’t entitle you to spousal support.  So our Demi sources say she finally backed off.

As for the division of property … we’re told Ashton was “a little more generous than he had to be,” but they basically split the stuff they acquired during the marriage.  Demi didn’t do nearly as well as she did when she divorced Bruce Willis.  Fact is … Ashton had just started his gig on “Two and a Half Men” when they separated, and he wasn’t making the big bucks he’s pulling in now.

FYI … our sources say aside from cheating, she was pissed because she felt Ashton was hiding some of his tech businesses from her and she wanted a piece.  In the end, we’re told they are both satisfied with the settlement.

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