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Asian Man Arrested at RLB International Airport with False Passport

Commissioner of Police, Mr. C.G. Walwyn, said members of the Immigration Division apprehended the suspect who was in possession of an Interpol-reported stolen passport and a fake driver’s license from a North American country.”

The passenger, who is said to be an Asian national, is believed to have slipped through several Caribbean and Latin American countries before being apprehended at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport, in St. Kitts, when he presented false documents to immigration on his arrival.

Walwyn said officials from the Immigration Department are adhering to the instituted security measures that when incorporated with behavioural training, which their immigration officers have received, makes it impossible for persons to get by undetected.

“Such was the case when the suspect attempted to deceive an immigration officer by presenting documents that bore a reasonable facsimile of his likeness. He was arrested by immigration officers who, based on their training, could tell that the bearer was not the owner of the passport and that the driver’s license he presented was fake,” said Mr. Walwyn, who did not disclose the name or nationality of the person.

He disclosed that the unnamed suspect was en-route to a North American country and had slipped through airport security in other Caribbean and Latin American countries before being apprehended in St. Kitts.

The suspect is presently being held at her Majesty’s Prison while security forces continue their investigations.




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