Astaphan defends Condor for position of Governor-General

Condor, along with now Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, crossed the floor in the St. Kitts and Nevis National Assembly, leaving the then Labour Party Administration and became a member of the three-party political alliance called Team Unity that contested and won the 2015 General Elections. Condor, who contested the constituency #3 seat was unsuccessful at the polls.

Astaphan, a host of night time talk show programme Operating Room, proposed that Condor should be considered for the position of governor-general, indicating that he was well suited for the role, having governmental experience, as well as being well liked by a large segment of the population.

These views have spurred public reaction and opinion on other talk programmes, both in favour and against, with some expressing the view that to select Condor would be a political reward.

That sentiment expressed on daytime radio talk show, ‘Voices’, prompted Astaphan to call into the show and defend his recommendation.

The social commentator refuted the idea that the appointment of any person to the position of governor-general, more specifically, Sam Condor, “is a reward”, but rather, it is an “appointment”. 

“Well I couldn’t disagree with you more! It is not a reward, it’s an appointment to a position of a person who is quite capable in every aspect of executing the duties of the position,” said Astaphan.

He pointed to several prominent regional politicians who have attained the high rank in their respective countries, with their political affiliations, stating that those appointments have set precedence, which has been followed throughout the entire region and the wider Commonwealth, pointing to Mariam Mitchell in St Lucia and several other prominent appointments in the region.

“Whoever you put there, somebody might accuse him or her of being politically partisan,” Astaphan said, asserting, “There is nothing wrong with being politically partisan, except that you must not allow your political support to taint and compromise your ability to perform the duties of the office.” 

Astaphan noted that regardless of who is elevated to that position, they would always be accused of being biased. However, the longtime politician, now social commentator, opined that there was no problem with any person being “politically partisan”.

“I think that Mr. Condor is supremely suited for the job. He will bring the ordinary folks to the high office if given it and the high office to the ordinary man.  He is a man who everybody relates to, regardless of their political persuasion,” Astaphan proffered.

In his description of Condor, Astaphan stated that the politician is a “decent family man” and is much “beloved” in St. Kitts and Nevis.

“Anybody who understands the workings of government and the workings of the constitution, you would have all of that wrapped up in one person,” Astaphan inferred.

Condor is one of two names, so far, which has been thrown into the public’s domain for the position of governor-general, with the second being Sir Kennedy Simmonds, the first prime minister of St. Kitts and Nevis.

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