Astaphan Says There Are Two Letters, Not One

Sometime on 7th December, 2010, a letter purportedly written by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Sam T. Condor hit the public domain and confirmed what was believed to be a rift which had developed between him and the Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas.

The letter, which is dated 25th November, 2010 and which has what appears to be the signature of Minister Condor affixed at to it, speaks of the writer’s strong disapproval as it relates to the autocratic and disrespectful manner in which the Prime Minister imposes his choices and dictates on his (the writer) ministries.

In Astaphan’s article, which was published a couple of days before the letter surfaced, he made reference to a letter which Condor wrote to Dr. Douglas and according to him, “Sam used the terms, ‘disrespectful’, ‘dishonest’, ‘preposterous’, ‘manipulation’, ‘contemptuous’, and ‘Gang of Four’. He accused Denzil of being dictatorial and of having an appetite for petty talk which could destroy Denzil and the Labour Party. He also spoke of leaks by Denzil’s confidants.”

In an exclusive interview with, Astaphan elucidated that the letter to which he referred and from which he quoted is not the letter which is currently in circulation. In fact, he further explained, the letter from which he quoted was dated 26th November 2010, rather than 25th November 2010.

Asked of his belief concerning the authenticity of both letters, Astaphan replied, “I am going to presume that both letters are authentic. I haven’t heard anything to suggest otherwise and if they are not authentic, I would presume that Minister Condor would have already challenged the letter or the letters in the public domain.”

Astaphan told that Condor’s complaints are not surprising to him but rather are familiar especially since he himself made similar complaints while he was a Minister of government.

The former Labour Minister said this situation holds potential for disaster and its outcome hinges on the actions and reactions of the parties involved

“It is a two way street…if the Prime Minister is not prepared to give in somewhat…and Mr. Condor decides he is not going to give in either, who knows what could happen after that? Mr. Condor might find enough representatives in the Parliament willing to line up behind him as the leader of the country. …I am not saying that that is a sure thing. I don’t know what the numbers are and I don’t know what level of disaffection and discomfort there may be in the cabinet itself.

“This could be a stand off between the two…which is not good for the government or the Labour Party or the country. Based on past experiences it would, to me, be improbable to expect that Dr. Douglas would make himself amenable to these concerns raised by Mr. Condor other than to hear him out, get all of this blown away and go again. So the probability for me would not be in favour of Dr. Douglas saying he understands…”

The public is being encouraged by Astaphan, “In assessing and seeking to understand this matter, not to focus on individuals whose names might have been mentioned in these charges but to focus instead on the principles of governance and the arguments that Mr. Condor is making, the complaints he is voicing, with regard to Dr. Douglas’ leadership style. Because although some individuals are mentioned…the essential issue is the leadership style of Dr. Douglas, the impact it is having on the morale and the effectiveness of his colleagues and people around them.”

Astaphan explained that this recent development “is a call for all political organizations to ensure that they keep their leaders’ feet close to the fire, keep their leaders transparent and accountable because if followers do not set the right standard for themselves, leaders will be abusive…”

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