Astaphan: “Stop using court to score political points”


Speaking at a press conference today, Astphan said the time has come for politicians to keep the court out of public disrepute and stop using the court to score political points. This statement comes after the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal overturned a contempt of court ruling by the high court thereby vindicating for AG Dennis Merchant.

Astaphan has since called for the apologies of Mark Brantley of the Concerned Citizen’s Movement (CCM) and People’s Action Movement (PAM) Leader, Lindsay Grant to Merchant after demanding he resigned from office following the High Court Ruling.

In July of 2009, People’s Action Movement representative, Shawn Richards filed a civil suit charging that the then AG, Dennis Merchant “had advised the Prime Minister, the Parliament and or the Cabinet and aided and abetted the Prime Minister in violating the terms of a court.

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