Attacking Cuba is big business

The man called Fernando proposed that Martin give a lecture on December 10 about Cuba, but Martin said he was tired of speaking about Cuba and suggesteds another subject, though finally he agreed because in the end “Cuba is best sold”, as Fernando pointed out.

“Just tell me the date when you can give a two-hour lecture on the issue you prefer on Saturday, December 10. Cuba is the best subject to sell, because we charge and we pay for this thing,” said Fernando, who also offered Martin money and trips abroad, according to Venezuelan news website Aporrea.

On top of that Fernando assured that Martin’s lecture would be promoted by the New York Times, and other media outlets.

Martin, part of the opposition against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, frequently attacks Cuba and Venezuela with his writings and lectures, mainly published by El Nuevo Herald newspaper and other US-based media. He has also been invited by Florida-based anti-Cuba radio stations to speak against the two countries.

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