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Attempted murder in Mad House Alley

According to Police information, the incident occurred about 9:25 pm on Tuesday. Some persons in the area say the gunfire “sounded like a machine gun”.

The confirmed injured victims are a 19-year-old male resident of Ponds Pasture and a 20-year-old male resident of Newtown. Police indicate their initial investigations point to an unknown assailant(s) who shot the victims while they were seated in an area of Mad House Alley.

Investigators from the Violent Crimes Unit and the Criminal Investigations Department and technicians from the Forensics Services Unit processed the scene for evidence.

Meanwhile, in other crime related news, Police arrested and charged Ambrose Buchanan of Bouncing Hill, Sandy Point, for “Carrying Abroad An Offensive Weapon” in the form of a cutlass.

On the same charge, in a separate incident in Cayon, Police arrested and charged Enslie Lewis of Prickly Pear Alley, who was caught carrying a knife as an offensive weapon. He secured bail at $3,000 and will appear in the Basseterre Magistrate Court, 5th September, to answer the charge.

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