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Attorney Harold Brady refuses to Testify in the /Dudus Commission of Enquiry

The Jamaica Observer has reported that steps will be taken for him to be charged and brought before the resident Magistrate’s Court under section 16 of the Commission of Enquiry Act.

He could be fined $500 and/or spend three months in prison if he refuses to pay the fine.

According to the report, on Monday morning the enquiry was adjourned briefly to give Hugh Small, the lawyer for the prime minister, time to file an affidavit challenging Brady’s objection to giving evidence on the grounds of attorney-client privilege. understands that Attorney Georgia Gibson-Henlin had raised objection to Small or any other attorneys challenging Brady’s position, saying that the Commission did not have the jurisdiction and that if any other affidavit is filed Monday, there was no guarantee that Brady would be able to make his objection on Monday.

She said she would need time to read the affidavit that Small wanted to file in order to make a proper response.

Small’s affidavit contains an interview Brady did with Nationwide News host Emily Crooks in which the attorney spoke of a client on whose behalf he was acting in the Dudus/Manatt affair.

He said on Monday that Brady could not be allowed just to give an affidavit claiming that he was faithfully carrying out Prime Minister Bruce Golding’s instructions without being examined.


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