Austin bombings: Suspect dead after detonating device, police say

BBC News:  

A suspect linked with a series of deadly parcel bombs targeting Austin, Texas, is dead after a major police operation, officials say.

The suspect was killed after detonating a device when officers approached his car off a highway in the city of Round Rock, north of the state capital.

FBI agents are reportedly now carrying out an investigation at the scene.

The incident follows four bomb attacks in Austin and one in Schertz, 65 miles (104km) south.

How did events unfold?

Late on Tuesday, the Austin police department used footage from a FedEx store on Brodie Lane in south Austin to identify the 24-year-old white male suspect.

After using the Google search engine to gather information on the suspect’s online browsing history, which showed searches on facilities which were used to ship packages, authorities later managed to locate his vehicle.

In the early hours of Wednesday, police and federal officers then took up positions around a parking area belonging to a hotel in Round Rock, about 20 miles (32km) north of Austin.

As they waited for tactical teams to arrive, the vehicle started to drive away, forcing officers to pursue it.

When the vehicle eventually pulled over, armed officers approached, but the suspect then detonated a bomb, injuring one officer and causing another to open fire.

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