Authorities Assessing Circumstances of Juvenile’s Prison Escape

Now that police have succeeded in capturing the individual, whom they have named as Jakeem Alford, stricter measures are to be applied to prevent a reoccurrence.

After making his escape by scaling the northern wall of the prison, on Lozack Road, the young prisoner, eventually worked his way back to his hometown of St. Pauls, seeking the protection of his mother, but according to police, it was she who made arrangements for her son’s return to custody.

Having escaped at approximately 2:00pm on Friday, it took police and prison officers, just about twelve hours to capture their prisoner, thereby making their arrest of Alford, not too far from his home, at about 2:00am on Saturday, 10th December.

A release from the Police indicated that their efforts were also aided by information provided by some members of the public. They have expressed their thanks and appreciation for this assistance and renewed their call for further proactive support from the community, as a means of addressing the current crime situation facing the country.


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