No more outdoor exercise

By MyVue Staff Reporter

Basseterre, Thursday, 17th June 2021, (MyVue across St. Kitts & Nevis are being cautioned about the new and more powerful restrictions that have been imposed, since the introduction of the State of Emergency on Tuesday, 15th June.

To this effect, the Police have suggested that all residents and citizens should acquaint themselves with the provisions of the new Statutory Rules & Orders, (SR&Os).

One important change that came into effect since Tuesday of this week, applies to the use of the beaches.

In the previous guidelines, people were allowed to visit the beaches for exercise. However, this has changed and is no longer permitted in St. Kitts, but still allowed in Nevis, with conditions.

The restriction applies to all forms of exercise, which can no longer be done in public until the restrictions are lifted.

This includes walking, jogging, cycling, or any other form of outdoor activity that is the norm for physical exercise.

While exercise is essential for good health, it is not covered in the categories of activities allowed under the SR&Os.

“While exercise is essential, it can be done at home. So you really should not be out…”, said Superintendent Cromwell Henry, who further clarified that “the State of Emergency is a bit more stringent than the Public Health regulations. It’s a strict stay-at-home order. (It’s a) Stay in place, shelter in place order. You only leave your home for approved essential purposes. Exercise is not one of those purposes.”

File Photo: Cycling in Nevis

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