Bacchanal gets ‘ready fi di road’

Observer writer

MICHAEL Ammar Jr, co-director of Bacchanal Jamaica, says the band will be rolling out its calendar of events for the 2022 carnival season soon.

“I am absolutely confident that we will be having carnival next year. The Government says by early next year they will reach target figures for vaccination. It’s one thing when you have vaccines available but it’s another thing when people don’t want to take them. Either way, you cannot hold the country at ransom. By later this year we will be more comfortable with the number of people vaccinated, so by September we will put out a calendar very similar to what we did in 2019, and adding one or two events,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

Up to yesterday, 296,243 people or five per cent of the Jamaican population were vaccinated.

In a statement issued by Bacchanal Jamaica yesterday, directors of the 22-year-old organisation said they are considering all possible health factors as they plan for the upcoming season.

“The recent announcement by the Jamaican Government regarding the reopening of the entertainment sector in Jamaica and the easing of restrictions have been received with great appreciation by industry players. However, we are very aware of the continued threat to the health or our population due to the continued presence of COVID-19. Bacchanal Jamaica has taken into consideration the following factors in arriving at the projected restart of our events:

1. The continued threat of the [corona]virus;

2. The extremely low rate of vaccination in Jamaica;

3. The unavailability of large numbers of doses [of] the vaccine in Jamaica until late summer 2021;

4. The perceived challenges of maintaining COVID-19 protocols at events in Jamaica;

5. The threat of a spike in COVID-19 cases, due to the above, with increased face-to-face gatherings; and,

6. The threat of the more virulent mutation of the virus known as the Delta variant,” the statement read in part.

Ammar Jr added that patrons can expect a slew of elaborate ‘welcome back’ events.

“It’s been a long time and I think later in the year people will be more comfortable partying again. Right now, they’re still anxious. We are going to ensure that they get an ultra-VIP experience — even more than our previous events. We will be spending to make sure of that,” he said.

All costumes ordered for the 2020 carnival season are valid for next April’s road march.

Featured Image – Bacchanal revellers take over the streets of the Corporate Area.

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