Banker Mas Camp bringing ‘sweet sizzling summer’ to the streets for Grand Parade

The master mind behind the troupe and veteran costume builder, says he is promising a presentation that it will feature ‘Sweet Sizzling Summer’ pieces.

Speaking with on Monday (29th Dec), Keshawn ‘Banker’ Millard explained that the pieces that his band will be using during the carnival period is a cultural design from the activities that were held during the summer period in St. Kitts, including the Caribbean Premier League, CPL.

He noted that this is their ninth (9th) presentation during for Carnival, starting back in 2005.

“Sweet Sizzling Summer tells a story about tourists and visitors alike, coming to the Federation during the summer time and what they can derive from it or see what we have to offer in terms of tradition, food, people, culture, heritage, religion and so on,” said banker when visited his Mas Camp at Greenlands.

The presentation, Banker explains, is broken down into several sections which are expected to bring out the particular activities that were held in the Federation during the summer period including Culturama. 

In giving a brief description of the costumes, Millard said “Hence the 18th annual St. Kitts Music Festival, which is the yellow black and white design, and right after that we leading to the White Sands event at Carambola. When you at the Music Festival cool down party, the Sunday, where you cool down, we have a section titled that.”

The target number for participants this year, revealed Banker is 300 persons, including children. But he notes that it depends on how many persons register.

In the event that they exceed this figure, the band is expected to quickly whip up one of the well designed outfits for anyone interested in joining.

According to Banker, the designs of the costumes were made with a difference, as he used the madras and blended it with other more carnival like materials such as the leatherettes.

“We source the materials from anywhere in the world once we can get them.”

He noted that from his stand point, registration for persons interested in joining the band for Carnival Day is going quite well, but he noted that over the years, he has found that persons prefer to get registered at the ‘ninth hour’.

Millard indicated that since the band was formed some nine years ago, they have won the individual competitions on a number of occasions, including last year.

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