Barbados hosts international shooting contest this week

The historic event, dating back to 1907, features defending champions Great Britain competing against teams from Australia, Canada and the Channel Islands as well as the West Indies full-bore rifle team.

Regional shooters will travel to Barbados from Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Jamaica, Antigua/Barbuda and Bermuda for the event carded to begin on Friday.

The 21-member Great Britain team is expected to prove a difficult challenge in the Australia Match as the defending champion comes with a host of experienced shooters including its captain Nigel Penn who toured the West Indies on three previous occasions.

Six of the team members have represented Great Britain at the Commonwealth Games.

The prestigious Australian Match follows the West Indies Full-bore Shooting Championship in Barbados.

Prior to the West Indies Full-bore Shooting Championship, regional and international shooters will compete in individual competition, which is expected to be the main criteria for selection of the West Indies team for the Australia Match.

The event is being introduced by Great Britain, currently on its penultimate leg of its 2013 tour of the West Indies.

The tour began in Jamaica last month, continued in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and will conclude in Barbados.

The Trinidad and Tobago team, which is skippered by Ezekiel Joseph, includes president of the West Indies Full-bore Shooting Council (WIFBSC) Norris Gomez, and top marksmen Carl Awong, Clarion Tang Choon, Leslie Chung, Oscar Waldron, Justin Lall, Sean Elliott, David Rajnauth, John Fong Yew, John Soanes.

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