Barbados pledges US$100,000 to Dominica.

He told reporters at a news conference in Roseau that he was “astounded” by the devastation.

“I was astounded quite frankly by what I saw. It is one thing to sit down in Barbados and watch news and hear news reports about what happened here. But that is just as to walk by faith as it were and not by sight. But to actually see what happened here in Dominica was shocking for me.”

“This is a moment in time, it must not be mistaken for eternity. Yes it will take a long time to get back to where you were and it will call for a rearrangement of national priorities and in many respects a reconstruction of sound national policies to ensure that people’s lives are brought back to a familiar state of normalcy. But Dominica can count on the support of its Caribbean neighbours, it can certainly count on the support of Barbados.”

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