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Basketball Winners to be Presented with Awards Sunday

According to a SKABA source, the ceremony will take place just before the start of the second game of that evening, between the defending Champions, Rams Hitters and former Champions, the Fig Tree Dirt Revelers. The ceremony is for last year’s tournament, where winners from the 2010 season will be awarded their respective trophies, medals and awards.

“We had to push the prize-giving ceremony for last season to Sunday due to some issues that were unresolved from last season. However we have managed to sort those issues out and we will be having our much delayed ceremony on Sunday, said SKABA President Romel Tobias.

All prizes and awards, from the 2010 Championship Trophy, to the 2010 season leaders in the various categories, including assists, rebounds, blocks, as well as season and playoff MVP trophies and awards will be handed out.

“This ceremony will be the first of 2 we plan to have for this year, as we are hoping to break with tradition and have the prize-giving ceremony for the current season at the end of the league this year rather than at the beginning of the next season. This will enable a much smoother transition from season to season and even executive to executive as at the close of each season the season is truly closed and not partially so as the awards still remain outstanding heading into the following season,” Tobias continued.

President Romel Tobias indicated that this season the association will be breaking with a number of traditions in an effort to improve and enhance the league.

Amongst those officials billed to attend are Minister of Sport Glenn Phillip and Director of Sport, Dave Connor.




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