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Basseterre High School Temporarily Relocated

One of the key demands of the teachers has been met by Education officials and this has resulted in the resumption of classroom activities after almost a one week lull. Hover, instead of occupying the “contaminated campuses”, sessions will now take place at various locations. These will include the Warner Park Cricket Stadium, Old Boys School and the Old Girls School on Victoria Road.

Minister of Education Nigel Carty has indicated that his department felt it was reasonable to accede to the request of the teachers given that only two more weeks remain before the current school term ends on Friday 7th December.

Carty said this agreement has come after consultation with the teachers and their representatives. Meetings were also held with parents and guardians of the students enrolled at the learning institution.

The controversy stemmed from complaints issued, for over one year, by the teachers and students that due to problems being experienced with the science labs of the school, members of faculty and some students were becoming ill, with itchy eyes and other complications. They also indicated that gloves used in the labs were turning in colour and those occupying the facilities were constantly complaining about feelings of nausea.

Following a recent visit here by experts, who carried out a study on the air quality and the facilities generally, it was indicated that though no immediate evidence was found to suggest that the air quality was at dangerous levels, there were other matters for which no conclusive results could be provided, until the necessary tests on samples were completed within the next two weeks or thereabout.

The teachers were adamant that not having all the answers that could explain what was causing the problems, it was unacceptable to return to the classrooms. With this compromise, teachers are hoping that further studies and work will be done on the physical structure of the school to reduce, if not eliminate the health risks, in time for the next school term that starts in January.

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