Belize receive 6 Million Grant from Japan to improve Health Sector


According to an article on, in making the announcement on Tuesday 4th December, Health Minister Pablo Marin said the money will be used to support the provision of greater access to quality health services for Belize’s children and to encourage healthy lifestyle practices and behaviours.

The project will address malnutrition in children five and under; it will encourage healthy lifestyle practices in children five and above and it will strengthen community-based health services through mobile clinics and community health workers. It will also improve on basic structural upgrading to health posts and improvements to other related facilities.

Research, monitoring and evaluation will provide a continuing evidence basis for the implementation of the project.

The money will be spent in the Toledo district in the southern end of Belize by empowering the local communities and schools; by helping to improve the overall quality of health services and by promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

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