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Better management of crime scenes a priority for police

The training session was held over a 5 day period and was hosted at Police Training Complex in Basseterre where the Regional Security System (RSS) Director of Training Yvonne Alexander, reported at the conclusion of the course that, in relation to crime scene management they are aiming to have as many (trained) individuals as possible, so that every first respondent to a crime scene will have the level of competence required to ensure the security of the scene, thereby greatly increasing the rate of crime detection and enhancing the success of the criminal investigation process.  

The program was designed to strengthen officers’ role and responsibilities when responding to scenes and to develop the respondents’ capacity to secure, preserve, maintain and handover scenes with minimum contamination or destruction of physical evidence. It also sought to enhance officers’ awareness of forensic science and provide them with the knowledge of foreseeing attendance duties.

Alexander noted that while the course was intensive, based on the relative short period of time, she was pleased that the participants “rose to the occasion.” The Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) explained that the response and attitudes of law enforcement officers to reports play, an important role in shaping how the public perceives the police.

RSS-taineesAlexander added that although the RSS Training Institute is still in its infancy, they are continuously considering how to position themselves to be relevant and to add value to the security infrastructure of member states.

Some 30 law enforcement personnel from Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and host St. Kitts and Nevis participated in the course organised under the Regional Security System (RSS) Training Institute and held from 20th -24th January, 2014.




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