Beyonce Surprises Fans with Tickets to their Doorstep

Rob was in a car park when he spotted Beyonce walking in a store with her bodyguard Julius and daughter Blue Ivy so he decided to try his luck with approaching her.  Although her bodyguard was telling people that Beyonce would not be taking pictures, Rob walked up to her and told her that he was talking to her biggest fan Brandy on the phone. To his surprise, she not only stopped what she was doing, but she took the phone from him to speak to Brandy.

Just when Rob thought it could get any better, a few hours later, Beyonce’s assistant showed up at his doorstep with two tickets to the “Mrs. Carter Show.”

Rob tells the local Newbury newspaper:

She had bodyguards with her. She was wearing dark glasses and a hooded top, but I was fairly positive it was her. I called my friend because she is a huge fan. I didn’t want to be rude and just walk up to her. But then she walked right near me. I looked at one of the bodyguards and he looked at me, and then I looked at Beyoncé and just asked ‘would you speak to my mate, she’s your biggest fan?’ and she took the phone.

Meanwhile, Brandy says she had no idea what was going on because it happened so suddenly:

I could hear him talking… it went quiet and then suddenly I heard Beyoncé and she was asking me my name. I knew it was her from her voice. I’ve seen countless interviews, all her films, videos, songs, so I know her voice. I talked to her for about a minute, I don’t really know what I said, just off on one telling her how much of a fan I was. My heart was pounding, I was bright red, and I felt faint.

I told Beyoncé that I’d been trying to get tickets for ages, and asked her was there any way to get them – and she said we could have two. It was amazing. It was so nice of her. She said she would have someone bring them round within four hours. I don’t know if I was really expecting the tickets to turn up.

Rob added:

I was at home, there was a knock on the door and Beyoncé’s assistant was on the doorstep. I wanted to hug her – but I didn’t. I wasn’t sure about telling people, I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, but I really wanted to tell them thanks. People still don’t believe it.

Beyonce seems to know the true value of a positive fan experience, however it’s a miracle the fan was able to get past the barrier that is Julius, especially since she had her baby with her.

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