Bird Rock search results in gun and ammunition find

Walwyn said that while the SSU was executing a search warrant in Bird Rock, a parcel was found containing the illegal items.

“While in the area, it was observed in one of the alleyways a package and inside the package we found a gun,” said the COP.

In a statement issued on Saturday last, a Police Force release stated, “This discovery and recovery is the first for the year, following 2014 where 23 firearms were removed from the streets of the Federation. The firearm and ammunition are being analyzed by the forensic and ballistics examiners to corroborate suspect identifiers and to determine if the weapon had been used in previous firearm incidents in the Federation.

The firearm will also be E-traced to determine its origin, and if it is determined to be from the United States, once identified through DNA or fingerprints, charges both locally and in the United States will be preferred against the suspect.”

Meanwhile, the commissioner of police had indicated that the Police Force would continue the fight to remove illegal firearms from the street of St. Kitts and Nevis.

“The Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police Force will continue to remove firearms from this Federation if they are here illegally. We thank the public for their continued support of our efforts to do so, and we wish that everybody within the Federation will enjoy themselves in 2015,” Walwyn said.

Commissioner CG Walwyn said he encourages the general pubic to call 911, Crimestoppers at 1-800-8477, or his number at 662 2145 to report suspicious activity.





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