Black Fin Wins Fishing Tournament in Nevis


Saturday (16th October) was the hosting of this year’s tournament which was held at the Oualie Beach.

According to one of the organizers, Mr. Arthur Anslyn, over 30 boats participated and included Boaters from St. Maarten, Anguilla, and St. Kitts and host island, Nevis.

Topping the pack for yet another year was Captain Clevin Christmas and his crew aboard the popular ‘Black Fin’.

According to Christmas he had lost count.  “It’s either my sixth or seventh ‘win’, he indicated.

When asked the secret to his success, Christmas responded that it was just a matter of hard work and some luck. “The Fish were biting really well today and when they are biting like that you don’t stop’, said the humble winner.

The Black fin’s catch for the day, weighed a whopping 509.2 pounds and this was almost twice the weight of the second placed boat, according to information received from Allister Yearwood, one of the organizers.

The detailed results have not been released, but upon available, will have them posted in an updated article.

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