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Black San’ Swim Suit Pageant Sunday Night


The segments for this year’s pageant include the Vintage swim wear, Body Painting swim wear, Cane Juice two-piece swim wear, Carib Brewery black and yellow swim wear and creative swim wear. Contestants will also be engaged in an on stage interview, following the final swim wear appearance.

Those vying for the title this year are Anita Sullivan, Shenelle Isaac, Jascur Hobson, Masinda Nisbett and Sidamo Jones. The reigning queen is Ms. Roslyn Berkeley.

The contest is a key feature of the annual Sandy Point community festival Black San’ Bang-a-Lang and is due to start at 7:00pm.

The main criteria include Physical Fitness, Poise and Carriage, Segment, Selection, Fit and Personality.

SPIRIT, Sandy Pointers Inspiring Real Improvement Throughout, is comprised of a group of young, individuals from the town of Sandy Point.

Through the festival, organizers seek to showcase the cultural, musical, and educational talents of residents during the month of April.


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