Blame game continues over last week’s fallout in parliament

Deputy Leader of the People’s Action Movement and Central Basseterre Candidate, Jonel Powel, recently made known his disappointment over last week’s sitting of the National Assembly on the 19th August, 2014,

In an exclusive interview with Powell, he said, “I believe that what transpired at Parliament was very unfortunate in my mind and in my experience was probably the worst and most atrocious sitting of Parliament that this country has ever seen.”

Powell further told that the Speaker of Parliament, Curtis Martin, allowed the proceedings to reach to an uncontrollable state, which he added resulted in the decision of the opposition coalition walking out the National Assembly.

“I can understand why the opposition parliamentarians chose to take a stance; because when you have an institution that is important and high as Parliament, (and) the Speaker of the House chooses to ignore just about all fundamental rules of that Parliament; then what else do you expect,” Powell said.

The Central Basseterre Candidate told this publication that the Speaker failed to provide adequate notice for the sitting of Parliament, while also failing to have the Order Paper delivered to opposition members in the required time set by law.

“These are the things that are legislated for and he completely ignored all. From his perpetual refusal to have the Motion of No Confidence tabled, it just shows that he doesn’t have respect for his own office,” Powell said.

The fallout in parliament was also recently rebuked by the St. Kitts National Youth Parliament Association, SKNYPA.

The mock parliament conducted by SKNYPA was held on Wednesday 20th August in the same chambers occupied 48 hours before by the elected and appointed parliamentarians of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Speaking just before the adjournment of the mock session, Dehan Henry performing the duties of Prime Minister expressed his disappointment in the mannerism of Parliamentarians during the last sitting of the National Assembly.

Henry noted that he was not taking any sides, but rather highlighting the callous behavior displayed by members of the opposition coalition and Government.

Henry further said that as Youth Parliamentarians, looking up to the elected members of the National Assembly, it was appalling and quite shameful to witness them behaving in a manner which ran counter to the high standards and decorum expected from such office holders.

Powell said he was in full agreement with the St. Kitts National Youth Parliament Association, SKNYPA, for condemning the behavior of the National Assembly.

“I give them kudos. And that is why I come back to my original point that the youth in this country have a significant role to play,” Powell said.

While Powell, as one of the youngest candidates for the upcoming elections was given the opportunity to share his perspectives on last week’s sitting, sought the view of another youthful candidate, Konris Maynard, of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, but attempts for an interview were futile up to the publication of this article.

Attempts were made last week Friday for an interview, but Maynard explained that he was busy with other obligations. A date was however set for Tuesday afternoon but again Maynard apologized for not being able to accommodate the interview.


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