Blanchette Blasts Grant for “Willful” and “Vicious” Attack Against Him

The two page correspondence which was circulated during the week ended 15th April, 2011, catalogues Blanchette’s views the case which was filed by the PAM after he lost the seat to St. Kitts Nevis Labour Party candidate, Dr. Earl Asim Martin in 2004. It also spells out his feelings about what he described as Grant’s willful, vicious and calculated attack” against him.

The correspondence indicated that following the 2004 General Elections, although, “three election petitions challenging the results…in Constituencies 1,4 and 8” were filed, “the PAM was unsuccessful in its attempt to get the Court to declare the election results null and void.”

He further explained that, “The Party was advised by its lawyers to withdraw the petition for Constituency 1 due to the perceived lack of strong evidence to support the claims in the petition.  The petitions for Constituencies 4 and 5 were heard. As a result of the decision to withdraw the petition for Constituency 1, the Court, in its wisdom, awarded costs to the Respondents.  Costs were not awarded for the other two constituencies even though the petitioners lost the case. The Court also instructed both parties to file written submissions regarding costs and attend Court hearings to discuss the matter.”

Blanchette explained that one of the hearings was held in early December 2010, to which lawyers assigned to the case by the PAM were a no-show. “In fact, Ms Constance Mitcham told the Court that she had received no instructions from the Party regarding the matter. Additionally, the Court had instructed that the Petitioner file and serve an affidavit in response on or before 28th February 2011. Again, no response was filed by the lawyers who were dealing with the case.”

According to the former PAM member, the matter was heard by His Lordship Justice Errol Thomas on 8th and 12th April, 2011, in the absence of PAM lawyers. He explained that he has issued correspondence about the matter to former PAM Chairman Sydney Osborne – which was also copied to Grant as well as Shawn Richards and Eugene Hamilton – cataloguing details of the court hearing and “informing him…of…my desire to be properly represented and indemnified with this matter.”

Mr. Blanchette said other letters were written to the PAM’s current Chairman, McClure Taylor, and Grant concerning the same matter, all of which he has yet to receive responses to.

Noting that he made no request that the PAM challenge the results of the 2004 elections, and expressing his belief that that is a “longstanding tradition of the party”, Blanchette concluded that Grant’s “refusal to show any interest whatsoever in this court matter (is) a willful, vicious and calculated attack against me in his attempt to get back against me. In his usual selfish and vindictive style, he has sought to fulfill his mission not recognising that in doing so he is also destroying the People’s Action Movement.”

Blanchette suggested that Grant’s actions, are a direct result of his (Blanchette’s) – along with four other now-former members of the PAM – call for Grant’s resignation as party leader, following the alleged Marriott bribery scandal.

“Mr. Grant did not take kindly to our request and he responded immediately in a way that was true to his character.  I was told by one of my colleagues that Mr. Grant said that he would ensure that I and my colleagues are unable to live in St. Kitts. I was subsequently fired by the Democrat Newspaper which is owned by P.A.M.  Almost a year has gone and the Democrat has refused to pay me my Holliday Pay and Payment in Lieu of Notice as mandated by the 1986 Protection of Employment Act. My lawyer wrote to the Democrat and up to this moment he has not received a response.”

The former employee of the Democrat Newspaper was adamant that efforts being made to besmirch his name would not see success and that he will not be intimidated by his former leader.

“Attempts are being made by some in the Party to destroy my good name by spreading lies, innuendos and half-truths about me.  They do this as a strategy to turn people against me.  They will not succeed. Truth will never be suppressed. I wish to tell Mr. Grant that I, Glenroy Mervin Blanchette, born and raised in Newtown, will not be intimidated by him and will not leave St. Kitts because of him.  I urge Mr. Grant to let common sense prevail and do what is right and just in the sight of God.”



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