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Bob Willis urges England to ditch Kevin Pietersen

Willis believes that the batsman’s disruptive nature is something that the squad can do without if they want to improve.

“This time it is crunch time for England and Kevin Pietersen,” he told Sky Sports News. “He’s been a disruptive influence in every dressing room he has ever been in whether it’s Natal, Nottinghamshire, Hampshire… we hear he hasn’t disrupted Surrey yet.

“He’s been an outcast in the England dressing room, he’s been reintegrated but this subject keeps rearing its ugly head.

“Pietersen is the best player in the team. He didn’t quite show it on the tour but he is the only player who can change the course of a match. Bowlers do it, but very few batsmen can. But if a guy is not fitting in with the team ethic, then he’s got to go.”

Pietersen has played 101 Test matches for England since making his debut nine years ago.

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