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Bolus, a perfect example for young people – Ambassador Powell

Speaking with, Ambassador Powell said that Bolus’ participation was a perfect example of the people of St Kitts and Nevis having what it takes to compete on the international level.

Bolus going to Antigua saw her performing with a number of contestants from different parts of the world.

“This was an international pageant with persons from around the world, Asia, Africa, Europe the Caribbean.” said Powell, adding, “And from all accounts her performance was fantastic and well received by the audience, by the judges.”

He said that although the outcome in terms of placement may not have been ideally what the country wanted, what should be taken from this is the quality of representation from Vashina.

“I think that she’s a perfect example for young people to follow to go out to work hard to do good things. And once you perform well and you represent well the benefits will come,” stated Powell

When asked if the he believes that the government should financially assist pageant contestants when they travel to represent the country, he said, “Well, I think that everything has to be looked at in context. It is not everything the government can put money to and can assist.”

Powell said that there are ways in which the government can help to facilitate persons who go away to represent St Kitts and Nevis, provided that all the proper channels are followed.”

The ambassador continued, “Things like this are more of a personal venture, but at the same time, I think if we are serious about building up our young people and getting them exposure and experience, there are many different ways in which the government can facilitate and help out.”

Vashina spent 27 days in Antigua competing in the first ever Miss Regal International pageant. New Zealand’s representative, Adele Krantz, was crowned queen.

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