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Bottling Company Donates to Police

The glasses were handed over by the Bottling Company’s Marketing Manager, Kevin Edwards to the Assistant Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley.

Following the donation Edwards stated that his company has appreciated the work done by the police officers and the donation is part of their pursuit to support the police force.

He added that the donation of the glasses is to make life at the police stations most hospitable and it is their token of appreciation to make their working life and social life a little easier.glass3

Police representative, Queeley, expressed his gratitude to the company on behalf of Commissioner C. G Walwyn and the rank and file of the police force and hailed them for their good corporate citizenship as they are never to shy away to partner with the police.

He added that the glasses will improve the atmosphere at the various police stations and will be utilized at police social activities

Queely added that the glasses will be distributed to the various police stations on both St. Kitts and Nevis.

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