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Bouncin Williams Releases New Book

The book was released on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, pbshopus and many other online book sellers, on 31st August, 2012; the official date of the publication. The book is entitled MY EARLY LIFE ON ST. KITTS AND NEVIS and was published by Author House Inc. of Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

MY EARLY LIFE ON ST. KITTS AND NEVIS is an autobiography of the author’s first twenty two (22) years; from his earliest childhood memories to his departure from St. Kitts to attend the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. 

It deals with his early upbringing, the entrepreneurial spirit and the hard work of his parents, especially his mother, to his schooling at Basseterre Boys and St. Kitts Nevis Grammar school. It also captures the lifestyles of our people during the fifties and sixties and the reorganization of the communities of Newtown and Mc Knight as they evolved from the social decadence that existed to the modern communities that we see today. It also deals with aspects of our local political development as well as the West Indies

This book has been published in three formats, hard cover, soft cover and E-book suitable for Kindle and other e-readers and are available by order online from,, and many other international book sellers. It is also available at local book stores such as Harper’s on Fort street, NR sales and service on the Bay Road, Dodge City(Yvette’s Shop) # 30 Shaw Avenue, the author and other retailers throughout the Federation.

Williams is also well known as a teacher, author, and social commentator who resides in Bird Rock, St. Kitts.

Early reviews have tag MY EARLY LIFE ON ST, KITTS AND NEVIS with four and five stars ratings.

Here is one such review:

I loved it all! Especially the portion about the entrepreneurial prowess of the author’s mother! AMAZING! Being first generation Kitty-Nevy I don’t have the privilege of the oratory exchange between one generation and another about life on St. Kitts and Nevis in years gone by. This book provides me with that oratory exchange; ranging from food and beverage preparations to reasons for the creation of communities which I pass often on my current day’s journey to aspects of our Health, Education, Economic and Political systems.

Thus presenting great evidence of the tremendous strides our Federation has made over the decades. Whether from the Federation or the wider Caribbean this book will cause some to reminisce, others to be educated and for all to take pride in the wisdom of our people! – Unoma Allen, M.Sc. Lecturer CFB College, St. Kitts.


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