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Boundaries commission sign off on constituency changes


Opposition senator and member of the commission Vincent Byron confirmed to that the much talked about changes have been made, which the opposition members did not support, and as a result did not sign the document.


Byron confirmed that the two government members Marcella Liburd and Earle Asim Martin along with the chairman, Peter Jenkins, who signed the document.

“I did not sign, and the premier (Vance Amory) did not sign. The Boundaries Commission finished at 3:45pm… as I was existing, I was served with a notice at 4:05pm for an emergency session for 4:15,” explained Byron.


According to the opposition senator, the order paper has resolutions that would be up for discussion. He noted that those resolutions would bring the changes into effect.


“In St. Kitts, you have a situation in which constituencies #1 and #2 would remain the same if the resolution is passed and the proclamation is issued. West Farm, Boyd’s and Palmetto Point would be moved to constituency #4. Constituency #5 would be Sandy Point and Newton Ground.


In number 6, it would be from St Paul’s to Tabernacle, and number #7 would be Mansion to Cayon. Constituency #8 would be Keys and St. Peter’s. There would be major changes to number 9 in relation to the boundaries,” said Byron.


He did not disclose what those changes were at the time of the interview, as he was in the process of preparing a legal document related to the boundaries matter.


However, Deputy Premier Mark Brantley had indicated several changes, which would occur in his constituency.


“The constituency of number 9 would comprise St Paul’s and St John’s,” Brantley stated.



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