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Bounty Killer Continues his Quest to Promote Young Jamaican Artistes


According to media reports out of Jamaica, having discovered several talents, dancehall artiste Bounty Killer is now pushing forward another set of young acts who he says will be the face of what is called the Alliance Next Generation.

Officially started at the beginning of the year, this group consists of artistes such as Iyara, Nymron, Patexx and Marlon Binns, who are all part of the Bounty Killer-led Alliance.

“They are just the face of the Next Generation. Not because you are a member of the Alliance it means that you are ready. Those are the few that are really rounded. We don’t want to group up a crowd of people; we just can’t tek up everybody at once. They will be working on collaborations but they are solo acts, not really a group,” Bounty Killer told THE STAR, noting that the acts have strong material, stage presence and are focused on the task ahead.

While these four are the face of Alliance Next Generation, he said there are many other upcoming acts in the Alliance. understands that to aid in promoting them, Bounty said he has already done collaborations with Patexx, Nymron and Marlon Binns, and has plans to do another with Iyara. He also said he might do collaboration with all four.

One of the artistes, Iyara, explained that he was grateful for the opportunity.

“I feel great knowing that we get the chance to go out to the world,” he said.

“Basically, that will put my career on another. Bounty Killer sees something in our career so that’s why he decided to help us reach that level,” Iyara, who is managed by Rescue Productions, said.

Also on a collaborative note, Marlon Binns says the group is already doing well as they have performed together.

“The chemistry was good, the adrenaline was high and that’s the magic,” he said.

Bounty Killer was the major force behind Mavado’s career. Although still part of the Alliance, Mavado went on to start his own Gully Squad with artistes like Kibaki, Chase Cross, Flexxx, Savage, 3 Star, Stacious and Crymist. However, the group says Alliance Next Generation is a different entity.

Meanwhile, the group has been busy working with producers like Baby G, Pay Day Music, Dutty Coolie, Jam 2, Ward 21, Lifetime Record, Echo One Productions and Kris David. But they say they are willing to work with other producers who are willing to record with them.

Material from much of the artistes mentioned in this article has already been played on the airwaves across St. Kitts and Nevis.

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