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Brantley Calls Again for Salary Cuts of Ministers

Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Mr. Mark Brantley called on the Ministers to lead from the front and demonstrate to the people that having brought hardship on them, that they are prepared to share in the burden of that hardship.

He further stated that a deduction can symbolically illustrate to the people of this federation that they and their leaders are in the same state economically, and the ministers are not better off.

“I chastise the Prime Minister publically, he cannot continue these trips to India and Dubai, racking up air miles and staying in expensive hotels and eating the best and drinking the best, getting travel allowance and subsistence and all the cost associated with his office when the people of this country are saying things are hard, they are being sent home, they are suffering, they are struggling,” Brantley said on Wednesday.

He added that if the country is to succeed the leadership of the country has to show that it is with its people in good times and in bad times.

“I am calling on the government again to do the right thing and show that the people of the country matter to you,” the Opposition Leader emphasized.

Brantley also criticized the government for having the SIDF funds available in the tough economic times but continue to bring hardship to poor people with increases in electricity and the introduction of VAT.

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