Brantley: Premier’s Address Sign of NRP’s Desperation


Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the Federal Parliament and member of the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) party, Mark Brantley, expressed these views to after Premier of Nevis and Leader of the ruling Nevis-Reformation Party (NRP), Joseph Parry, made an address via television and radio concerning (23rd May) specific comments made on CCM’s political platform and also concerning march which the CCM is organising.

Brantley indicated that with regard to the march, his is not dissuaded by Parry’s comments and expressed his belief that because “our very sense of democracy is under attack”, the people of Nevis will join in on the march scheduled for Thursday, 26th May, 2011.

“They have now resorted to all manner of corruption in relation to the voters’ list and we have called our people in a show of support – not just CCM supporters mind you – we have called on the people of Nevis to march for the people of Nevis because we believe that the very sense of our democracy is under attack and so we are calling on people from the church, from the Chamber of Commerce, from the community groups, from all the NGOs.

“We are calling on all the people of Nevis to march with us on Thursday at 3:30 pm because we feel that there are enough issues affecting our people, not just the corruption at the electoral office but also the cost of living, the state of crime and criminality, the state of our debt…There are numerous issues that people are concerned; the high fuel surcharge, the continuing run away of cost and expenses and high taxes that people have been burdened by under this NRP administration.”

Brantley said “the writing is on the wall” and noted that it is obvious that Premier Parry recognises the significance of the march.

“…We are calling on our people to march with us on Thursday (26th May) and it is quite obvious that Premier Parry recognises the significance of our march and is seeking to dissuade people from attending it. We are confident that the people of Nevis will turn out and turn out in large numbers to protect Nevis and preserve our democracy.”

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