British National Killed in Antigua

According to media reports out of Antigua, the body of a 49 year-old Larry Benjamin, a British national was found in his Hodges Bay apartment on the morning of Tuesday 4th December.

Reports revealed that information gleaned from neighbours suggested that shots were fired around midnight and the following morning; the body of the unnamed individual was found at his apartment.

The report went on to state that police sources said Benjamin was found lying in a pool of blood just after 8 am.

An initial examination of the body revealed that Benjamin had been shot.

It was also revealed that the victim arrived in Antigua in September 2010, and his landlord said he was due to leave on Saturday 8th December. However, the landlord also reportedly said Benjamin had delayed his departure several times.

The police sources also said there were indications of a struggle, as two broken bottles were found on the floor.



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