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British Virgin Islands named for best quality of life in the Caribbean

In addition to this top accolade, the BVI was also named as #2 in best human resources, among the top five countries for GDP PPP, per capita, and among the top 10 “Caribbean & Central American Countries of the Future 2011/12.”

fDi Intelligence, a division of the Financial Times of London, published this report based on data compiled by the division and scored by an independent judging panel. Judging criteria for the best quality of life category, which the BVI topped, was based on multiple factors including life expectancy, infant mortality, unemployment rate, GDP PPP per capita, crime, and secondary enrollment rate.

“We are pleased to receive this recognition and we look forward to sharing these wonderful attributes with visitors to the destination,” said Neil Blyden, chairman of the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board. “From our pristine beaches and exhilarating natural attractions to our friendly people, award-winning cuisine and outstanding accommodations, the BVI is a destination made for such superlatives.”


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