BHS class rooms moving to new location

The buildings are being moved to house classrooms for displaced BHS students, in the wake of the ongoing BHS health and environment saga spiced with political overtones. With no identified cause for the ailments that affected students and teachers after several tests done by regional and international health and environmental institutions, the Government has said it will “err on the side of caution” and will not reoccupy the BHS compound.

As a consequence, the Ministry of Education devised a plan to house the BHS students in multiple locations within a relatively close area. One of these locations includes the temporary buildings to be relocated from the BHS to an area south of the Beach Allen Primary School, or east of the Washington Archibald High School. The delay in relocating the buildings during the mid-year vacation period led to the placement of BHS students at the AVEC facility, and they are expected to remain there until the end of September.

BHS-1The transportation of the buildings began early Saturday, but drivers of the flatbed trucks soon encountered some challenges. Making the turn north out of the BHS western gate was a ‘no go’ and a small portion of the Anglican Church Hall northern fencing had to be dismantled to accommodate the northward turn.

Going up Victoria Road a number of utility lines came down damaged by the passing lumbering cargo. The narrow road did little to relieve the concentration needed by the drivers. With careful and accurate navigation, drivers of two trucks maneuvered the buildings to their new location.

It was an operation that took many hours and extended work well into the night. The Traffic Department blocked access eastward from the round-a-bout at the Moravian Church, so too were Victoria Road from the Lozack Road junction, as well as Taylor’s Range road west from the East Park Range Road junction.

Viewing the proceedings at some point were Minister of Education Shawn Richards, the head of the Public Works Department, education officers, SKELEC, Police Traffic Department, and of course, many onlookers.  So far, only two of the seven sections of the temporary building have been removed from the BHS compound.

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