Buju’s son rejects new song; producer defends

The single, My Favourite Song, also features the artiste Marco. It is produced by Mark Hudson on the Stone Cold Records imprint and was released last month.

“I spoke to my father and he doesn’t remember the song. I saw the article in the Observer that it was recorded in 2001. Now, hearing a collab without his approval, my father is not with it or for it,” Myrie told Splash yesterday.

Myrie confirmed that it was indeed his father’s voice on the track and said he received a copy last week.

“The rhythm has changed… the song is poorly produced and doesn’t represent what Gargarmel Music stands for,” he said.

Myrie is the second person in as many days to claim Buju Banton did not give the single the nod.

Rosemary Duncan, coordinator of the Buju Banton Defence Support Committee, was the first.

“He doesn’t recall making the song with him. Obviously, it’s his voice. But nothing was communicated to him concerning the song,” Duncan told Splash.

Formed in 2011, the three-member Buju Banton Defence Committe champions the artiste’s cause.

Hudson, however, defended the track. He said the song was originally called Pretty Lady and recorded on the Wake Up Riddim in 2004.

“All we did was remix the song and it is picking up rapidly. The person singing with Buju Banton on the track is actually my son. There are just some elements who are trying to fight the progress of the Gargamel’s music. His family and those close to him love the track and no one knows who that lady is, really,” he said.

Hudson said it was full speed ahead with promotion of My Favourite Song.

“Right now, we are just going to continue to promote the song. The aim is to make music and for the song to enter the charts and make a number one hit. We want him to get another Grammy. Strangely, if it was something negative, there wouldn’t be a fight or any opposition from anyone but as long as it’s good music, comes the fight,” he said.

Buju Banton is currently serving a 10-year sentence in a US Federal prison on cocaine charges. He is scheduled to be deported to Jamaica in 2019.



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