BVITB to hire crisis management consultant to safely reboot tourism

By BVI News,

The BVI Tourist Board (BVITB) will be hiring a consultant who specializes in crisis management to reboot the tourism industry amid the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

In a statement copied within its recent job notice for a consultant, the BVITB said the pandemic is ‘severely’ impacting the industry globally, so the Board’s goal is to now navigate through the ‘new regular’ by providing “an exceptional tourism experience” while, at the same time, ensuring “heightened attention” to the health and wellbeing of visitors and locals.

The consultant would have to lead a COVID-19 Tourism Recovery Taskforce that is also being created to help bring a ‘realistic view’ of the sector.

Market survey for state of readiness

The consultant will be required to analyze the present state of readiness of the territory and other Caribbean islands and carry out a market survey to understand the territory’s intent and needs for travel in the short and long term.

The BVITB further said the consultant would be required to assess and anticipate travellers’ likely future needs given the health and safety concerns arising due to COVID-19. The consultant must further analyze the implications of travellers’ emerging needs for developing, managing and promoting the BVI as a “top of mind” tourism destination for the high-end traveller.

“[He/She must] develop scenarios for multiple versions of the future, establish the strategic posture for the sector as well as a broad direction of the journey back to growth, establish actions and strategic imperatives that will be reflected across various scenarios,” the Tourist Board explained.

Public-private partnership

They would also be required to “establish trigger points to tackle action, which includes a planned vision in a low touch economy, provide organizational support in managing the reopening process and conduct public-private sector collaboration consisting of key stakeholders from the tourism sector (general tourism and cruise tourism), the Ministry of Tourism and agencies of the ministry.”

The successful party must be able to develop COVID-19 protocols consistent with those from the Ministry of Health that would focus on reducing future risk of infection and provide a higher level of safety for both locals and visitors alike.

Contract for up to two years

The contract will be for three to six months in the first instance. But according to the BVITB, it could be extended for up to two years.

The consultancy is slated to commence on June 1, while the first phase of the border reopening to facilitate locals and permanent residents to return home will begin on June 2.

To be considered for the job, individuals must have no less than five years of experience in the tourism sector with strong data analysis and marketing skills.

Closing date for all application is May 27.

Photo: Visitors aboard a cruise ship docked in the BVI recently. (BVI News photo)

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