C-Money Out of Soca Monarch Competition

The statement said, “C-Money sadly regrets to inform his fans that he will not be able to participate in the Soca Monarch Semi Finals for Sugar Mas 40:40 and consequently The Soca Monarch Competition for Sugar Mas 40:40.”

The release went on to explain that C-Money missed his flight to St. Kitts earlier this week due to unforeseen circumstances. He then contacted the house band for the semi-finals and they stated that there were strict practice times, and he would have arrived too late, therefore he would not have been able to schedule any practice sessions with the band, continued the release.
The management of the artiste said, “He sincerely apologizes and is really disappointed. However, He is extremely grateful for the tremendous response he has received from
his fan base in regards to his Soca Monarch entry song Whine U Body for Me. He would like to assure his fans that next year will be later, but definitely greater.”

The artiste wished all his fans the very best for the carnival season.

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